Answers to your questions

Answers to your questions

Does the plugin have support?

Yes. Both paid and free versions are supported at the same time. Contact us if you have any problems or questions related to the plugin, we will review the request and help (contact information is in the contacts section).

How to install a plugin on a website?

The free version is installed from the admin panel of your site to WordpRess -> go to the plugins section -> Add New -> in the search write Quasar Form -> install.

Pro version. After purchasing the pro version, download the archive with the files, from the archive you need the “quasar-form-pro” folder – you need to upload it to the plugins folder on your website. This is done through an FTP client or through a file manager on your hosting.

If you install the Pro version, what will happen to the forms made on Free?

Never mind, all forms created through the free version will work in the pro version as well.

However, if you do the opposite, you can catch errors. Don’t try to import forms from the Pro version to the free version.

Made a form, but some fields are displayed incorrectly?

If the styles of your theme are “very clumsy”, they may overlap some of the plugin’s styles, because of this, some fields may not be displayed correctly.

If you encounter such problems – write to our support team, everything will be solved.

How to get the best GoogleSpeed ​​(PageSpeed ​​Insights) score?

If your goal is the maximum website loading speed and the “PageSpeed Insights” (Google speed) indicator is important for you, you can disable libraries that are not used in the forms. If you disable all libraries, the plugin will affect the website loading speed by 0.5%.

To disable unnecessary libraries, click on the “speed setting” button next to the plugin version.