Using PayPal

The Quasar Form plugin allows you to make payments from a form via PayPal.

Setting up payment acceptance, you will need to take a few simple steps.

1) Specify the email linked to your PayPal account in the “Live account” field.

2) Next, you need to enable “Live mode” in the Sandbox Mode.

After that, if your PayPal account has a “verified” status, you will be able to accept payments through the form on the website.
The principle is rather simple, after sending the form, in a few seconds, the user will be redirected to the PayPal, where he can pay for your product.

As for the other settings – it is very simple, select your language, the currency you want, enter the name of your products in English. As for the price and quantity settings – you can either specify a fixed value or get the value by using the calculator.

If you want to use the calculator, create a “calculate” field and specify it in the drop-down list. If you decide to switch back to a fixed value, remember to select ‘no’ from the drop-down list.

In the field “PayPal URL of success page” specify the link to the page where the user will go after clicking the “return to shop page” button.

In the field ‘PayPal URL of failure page” specify the link to the page where the user will go after an error or payment refusal.

Please note

Payment notifications, as well as database entries are made only if the user has clicked the “return to shop page” button after successful payment. If you would like to receive notifications when the payment form is rejected or closed, please read the documentation.

Test mode

A better approach is to use the test mode for testing. You will need two test accounts for this, create them here.

PayPal has a special sandbox site called, which duplicates the real site of the payment system, but the money is not real here. This site has specially made a test for payment forms.

Why should I create 2 accounts in the sandbox? It is simple, one merchant account – you enter it into settings in the form, with the second you will simulate shopping.

To activate the test mode, specify the email from the sandbox account in the “Sandbox(test) account” field and activate the test mode in “Sandbox(test) mode”.

If you use the calculator to get the price or quantity of an item, always check the payment amount in your PayPal account, as these values can be faked on the website.