How to add a form to a page

There are several ways to do this.

1) First way

Use the functionality of the plugin itself to add short codes to the page.

if you use the gutenberg block editor, a new button will appear in the “Common block” section:

if you use the classic editor, a new “Add form” button will appear:

2) Second way

Copy the shortcode from the plugin admin panel, the shortcode of each form is displayed under the name of this form.

3) Third way

Short codes of all forms have the same structure: [ formaQ id=’value’ type=’value’ align=’value’ text=’value’ ]

id – id of the desired form
type – form type can be ‘inline’ or ‘popup’
align – type of alignment can be ‘center’, ‘left’, ‘right’. This parameter affects the inline form.
text – The text on the button popup forms. This parameter is necessary only for ‘popup’ forms.

Sample short code: [ formaQ id=’3′ type=’popup’ align=’center’ text=’text button’ ]

You only need to change the values ​​as you need.